French SUD Guidelines

This page outlines various features specific to French.


In French, only three verbs are considered auxiliaries être, avoir and faire.

The comp:aux relation can be used with one of the three sub-relations @tense, @pass or @caus, depending on whether the auxiliary is expressing a tense, a passive or a causative construction. In French, the relation comp:aux@tense is used with both verbs être and avoir and is the most common sub-relation. The relation comp:aux@pass is only used with the verb être, while comp:aux@caus is only used with the verb faire.

Example of an auxiliary expressing a tense

Example of a passive construction

Example of a causative construction

Cleft constructions

As shown in the page about the comp:cleft relation, the cleft constructions are analysed with a comp:cleft relation going from the head of the main sentence to the head of the complement.